Dear fyeahnbcdracula, As a lover of Dracula, we thought we'd send a request. We have a delightful little Dracula play that goes up in May at the Shelton Theater off Union Square in San Francisco. Because Dracula, vampires, and all children of the night love SF, would you send out a signal boost so that the local darklings will know? We have have more info on our tumblr, and would be awfully grateful for the local theater support. Thank you most kindly. -D Every Thurs - Sat in May 8pm

Everyone in the San Francisco area, you should take a look and see if you can give them some patronage!

Ticket info here.

dracula will have a new season or will it be canceled? please tell me you will not be canceled ...

I’d loooove to say we’re getting a second season, but with all the silence it’s hard to even speculate!

Lucy Westenra ♥♥♥

Lucy Westenra 

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Please help us make sure Dracula gets a second season!

Sign, get your loved ones to sign and pass around!

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Lucy and Mina as Glinda and Elphaba


Lucy and Mina as Glinda and Elphaba

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Lucy Westensass, sassing people and throwing shade since 1897.

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